Arrowhead Union High School District

Charge to the Arrowhead UHS Facilities Community Task Force (FCT)

The Arrowhead Union High School Board charges the Facilities Community Task Force (also known as the FCT) with serving in an advisory capacity to the school district during the fall of 2010 and spring of 2011 with the following primary tasks:
  1. Assessing and prioritizing identified facilities and enrollment needs;
  2. Developing potential solutions and/or options that address identified facilities needs and priorities as well as the district’s educational program goals;
  3. Assessing the financial implications of potential solutions and/or options that address identified facilities needs and priorities;
  4. Reaching majority consensus (if possible) on prioritized advisory recommendations for the school board;
  5. Preparing a written report of its findings and recommendations for presentation to the Arrowhead Union High school board and community;
  6. Serving as information providers and key communicators to the community regarding any future action by the school board.
The Facilities Community Task Force (also known as the FCT) will consist of district residents representing all areas of our school district, some of whom may be faculty or staff. Serving as resources to the FCT will be the district’s administrators, architects, contractors, financial advisor, and other professionals as needed. Additionally, the school board may identify one or two members to serve as liaisons to the FCT and report back to full board throughout the process. The FCT will convene in October 2010 and will meet two to three times per month as necessary with the goal of presenting its findings and advisory recommendations to the school board and the community in the spring of 2011.
FCT Members
Facilities Vision Statement
FCT Progress Outline
FCT Expectations
School Enrollment Projection Series
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Facility and Enrollment Projection Report
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