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History Sites

Wisconsin History

Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin Labor History

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

Wisconsin Heritage Online

Found in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Law Research

Wisconsin Legal History

Wisconsin Digital Collections




Newspapers from Around the World

Newspapers from Around the World - UK
RefDesk- Newspapers from the US and Around the World
University of North Carolina at Greensborough Library – Newspapers from Around the World

American History

A Chronology of US Historical Documents University of Oklahoma College of Law

Documents for the Study of American History

The National Archive

European History

University of Washington Libraries
This site contains digitized primary collections well as links on European History organized by country.

Yale University Library European History Research Guide
European History: Selected Internet Resources by Region

US History

American Experience - PBS

American Memory Timeline

100 Milestone Documents

Exhibit Hall - National Archives and Records Administration

History Matters: the U.S. Survey Course on the Web - American Social History Project


The :30 Candidate PBS

All Politics CNN Time

American Political Prints 1766-1876 Library of Congress

Fact Check (Check facts in political ads)

Politifact General political fact checking site

Religion and Politics

Multnomah County Library - Social Issues

University of San Diego - Ethics Updates

Psychology Sites - Drug Information


National Institute on Drug Abuse
Good information including a list of "Drugs of Abuse"

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adminstration

NIDA for Teens

The science behind drug abuse.

NIDA Mind Over Matter
The brain's response to drugs.

NIDA Infofacts
Statistics in drug abuse.

Scholastic Drug Education Series
Information on drugs and your body.

Inhalant Abuse

Smoking A large collection of good resources on drug abuse.

Club Drugs