Arrowhead Union High School District
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Mission: To promote a safe and respectful school environment for all students through education, social support and advocacy related to LGBT issues.

Meetings:   See Calendar for dates

                     Where: Library Classroom, North Campus

                     What:  See Calendar

Summary of Club

This club is called the Gay-Straight Alliance club because we are a union formed between those that are straight and those that are on the LGBT spectrum to which their is mutual benefit for both groups.  It is benefiical to those who are LGBT to have those that are straight promote a respectful environment for them, and it benefits those that are straight to understand the difficulties and celebrations associated with those who are LGBT. The more we learn about each other, the more we grow. If you care about social justice, this is a group for you!

Arrowhead’s GSA aims to promote an environment where all students feels safe regardless of their differences. The club is for anyone who cares about respecting others and speaking out for others who may face difficulties based on their sexual orientation or identity. As a club member, you are an ally to the LGBT community and are actively making a difference in your school.  How cool! A student does not have to identify on the LGBT spectrum to be in the club, and many students do not.  Our activities range from coat drives for the homeless, pizza and movie parties, guest speakers, general education related to LGBT terms and tips on how we can promote an inclusive school environment where all students can feel safe and work to their potential! This club will never ask you to personally identify your sexual orientation or give any personal information.

If you have questions about our group please contact:

Staff Adviser:  Bridget Brinckman, School Psychologist: