Arrowhead Union High School District
Arrowhead's boys & girl’s teams compete against other Wisconsin high schools in races held mainly in January & February at local ski areas. Races are during the week; start time is 6:00 pm. Each race consists of two timed runs of either Slalom or Giant Slalom.
Exceptional coaching is provided and training includes dryland training, general skiing skills, race course instruction, gate training, and skill specific instruction.
Practice is held at local ski areas in the evenings, mainly at Holy Hill on Monday (mandatory) and at Ausblick on Sunday (optional).  Alpine ski racing is a no-cut sport.

Arrowhead Alpine Team Ethos
To have our coaches, athletes and parents always set a positive example…. First with our character, then with our racing.   To properly represent our school, our code, our teammates and parents.    To keep the sport of Alpine racing fun, safe and competitive.   It is how we win that matters more than if we win.   One Team. 


  • Planning:  Think before you act.  Look to the future.  Always be prepared.   Be accountable.
  • Determination:  Never give up.  Be involved.  Drive to meet your goals and objectives.
  • Discipline:  Each day, be organized and prompt.  Focus on details.
  • Engaged:  Be supportive and accessible.   Be mindful.   Take initiative.  Ask Questions.
  • Sincerity:   Be true.  Be positive.   Be inclusive.  Be helpful.   Be a mentor.   Lead.
  • Respect:  Treat others as if someone you care about is watching….because they probably are.
  • Courage – Know what not to fear.  

Contact Information:
Jon Sison Cell 414-350-5612  email
Brian Jones Cell 414-333-9325  email

Arrowhead Alpine Team Ethos
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