Arrowhead Union High School District

Each year Advanced Auto students compete against each other to be chosen as one of the top eight auto students at Arrowhead.  As a group, the top eight auto students compete in several automotive trouble shooting competitions during the school year against other high school seniors from around Wisconsin.   There are four separate competitions.  In December the Automobile Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee (ADAMM) holds the first round of their regional competition.  Of the top five schools in that competition, the top two students were chosen from each school to work as a team to compete for the state championship.  The winner of the state championship then represents Wisconsin at the national championship.  Prizes generally include scholarship money, tools and other smaller prizes.

Ford and the American Automobile Association (AAA) sponsor a similar competition each year as well.  Each of these competitions has a written test only in the first round.  Followed by a hands-on competition in the second round.  The winner of the second round is state champion and the state champion represents Wisconsin at the national championship.

We also compete at a competition sponsored by WCTC as well as a competition sponsored by VICA-Skills USA.  These two competitions are primarily hands-on.

Any students interested in trying out for the Automotive Trouble Shooting Team must take at least one semester of auto mechanics their Junior year and enroll in Advanced Auto for their entire Senior year.

Contact Mr. Varrelmann at North Campus for more information.