Arrowhead Union High School District

Welcome to Arrowhead swimming.  Our program has proven itself to be a consistent winner. Each year we look to be at our best competitive level as individuals and a team at every meet leading up to the championship season.  We challenge ourselves to be the best in the Classic Eight Conference as well as number one at the WIAA sectional and state championships.  Our number one goal, though, is to be the best TEAM  all season long that we can possibly be.  The team accomplishment goals won't be easy, but it is possible if we continue to be a class team and want it bad enough!

Swimming is a very unique and rewarding sport.  While it is highly individualistic, it is still a team program, whose benefits will carry over into other parts of your life.  From proper nutrition, goal setting, time management, exercising, etc., its effect will be felt in almost everything you do from now on.
No doubt, many who try out for the swim team are new to competitive swimming and are not sure of what they are looking for in a sport.  Rest assured that it can and will be enjoyable.  Each one of our coaches are professionals in their particular skill and are respected by their peers.  If you have a question relating to your swimming or diving, the program or even something outside of swimming that you just need to talk to someone about, we encourage you to approach any of the coaches. 
Welcome aboard!  We hope you will find Arrowhead swimming a rewarding and enriching experience.  If we are able to answer any questions please seek out the coaches.
The coaching staff has established the Arrowhead swimming program to teach the basic competitive strokes and skills needed for this sport.  In addition, we will help each swimmer to develop a positive mental attitude about their swimming and themselves through practices and competitions.  Through these objectives, we help our swimmers grow not only as athletes but also as individuals by teaching goal setting, discipline, responsibility and persistence in all aspects of their lives.  The overall philosophy is that if our swimmers learn to handle themselves well under pressure, learn to set goals and sacrifice to achieve them, learn to respect the people with whom they work and against whom they compete - then they are winners and we have accomplished what we hoped to do.

The goals of our program will be tailored to suit the entire group.  We realize not every swimmer can be a great swimmer no matter how much encouragement is directed.  We have planned our program so that each and every swimmer can gain from their experience whether or not they ever win a single race.  We must remember that with intelligent hard work and patience, each swimmer can achieve the best that is within her.  Through individual self-improvement, each individual will play a big role in helping the entire team achieve success.
Head Coach:         Kevin Ewald
JV Coach:            Caleb Hernday
Diving  Coach:        Mary Woodson
2012 StateSwim Team
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2012 StateSwim Team