Arrowhead Union High School District

Coaching Staff:

TJ Abshire                  Varsity Coach     
Lisa Paasch                Asst V Coach      
Dustin Day                     JV Coach                  
Traci Gunnison            Fr/JV Coach        
Debra Paradowski      Fr Coach            


Program Philosophy:

The Arrowhead Boys Volleyball Program is first and foremost about the development of young men. The development of skills and positive attitudes will be the primary focus of the program with the game of volleyball as its mechanism. The Arrowhead Boys Volleyball Program will be built upon the growth mindset and the principles of skill acquisition.  In short, every skill, every attribute, and every fault is learned. It is through our own self awareness and hard work that we can grow our skills both on and off the volleyball court.

Every year, each player accepting a role in the Arrowhead boys volleyball program will pledge the following ethos:

“Above all I will abide by the Arrowhead Union High School athlete code of conduct and maintain my eligibility level the entire school year.

I pledge to be a student first and a student of the game second. I will always put my team and the Warhawk volleyball family before myself. I will be present and on time to all activities, ready to grow.  I will take advantage of the daily opportunities I get to demonstrate my contribution to this volleyball team both physically and mentally. I will work hard. I will make mistakes. I will give my support and I will be open to it.

I will always show respect before it is shown to me, and, in the event it is not shown to me.

I accept these expectations and at any time I do not uphold them my coaches, as well as my teammates, will decide what happens to me with the interests of our community first.

By signing the Arrowhead Boys Volleyball Ethos I accept the challenge to make myself and the people around me better on a daily basis. I will uphold the expectations set forth by Arrowhead High School, its teachers, my coaches, and my teammates.

This is what I pledge.”

Arrowhead High School Boys' Volleyball program participates in the Classic 8 Conference.  We field teams at the freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity levels carrying 12-15 players on each roster.

Summer open gyms and summer camps are strongly encouraged for all boys interested in trying out in the fall.