Arrowhead Union High School District
ATTENTION:  The Girls Tennis program will NO LONGER have a NON-COMPETING CLUB program offered.
We will have a format of Varsity, JV, JV 1 & JV 2.
If there is a high volume of athletes trying out, Girls Tennis will become a cut sport.  
Welcome to the Arrowhead Girls Tennis Team!
Our team is made up of 4 teams- Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junior Varsity One and Junior Varsity Two.
The Varsity is composed of the 12 best players that will fill the 1-4 Singles positions, and 1-3 Doubles Team positions with an alternate doubles team.  The Junior Varsity is made up of the next top 16-18 players filling 1-4 Singles and 7 Doubles teams. 
The JV 1 and JV2 teams are made up of the next best remaining players.
We have 2 days of tryouts, which are very important to attend in order for the coaches to evaluate your tennis ability and assign you a team.
Attendance is very important for each practice and match and we have our own set of standards that must be met to remain on a team.

You Must Have a Physical Card or brown card for the alternate year  and your concussion form on file in the North Campus Activities office in order to participate- No Exceptions.   
Equipment needed:
Tennis racket/s
Tennis Shoes- white soled only, and non-marking
Water jug or multiple water bottles.
Proper practice attire and uniform information:
Appropriate attire for practice would be tennis dresses, skirts, athletic shorts with pockets, athletic tops that cover the mid-drift, and t-shirts.  Sports bras alone are not acceptable. 
The wearing of hairspray, perfume or scented lotions is not recommended as bees are very prevalent this time of year.  Soda is not allowed on the court for the same reason.
Uniforms  for V and JV are on a 4 year rotation.
Everyone else may purchase their own uniform in the following colors only:
Arrowhead RED or WHITE Tennis Skirt and Arrowhead RED or WHITE Athletic Top.

Our team schedule is being completed at this time. Each competing team will play a minimum of 8 matches, and up to 14.  We have home and away matches scheduled.  For all away matches, Arrowhead will provide transportation.  The girls are required to travel to and from matches with the team.  Home and Away matches can take place any day from Monday-Saturday.  There are no practices or matches scheduled for Sundays.

Our season is very short, so it is important that you take advantage of the programs in our area off-season to work on your game.  Arrowhead offers a great summer program run by Coach Schlitt (see below for information).

I am looking forward to a fun, hardworking, and successful season.    We invite and encourage all family and friends to cheer us on at our matches!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions as well.

Cindy Ziegler-Fritz – Varsity Head Coach

Varsity Coach:                       Cindy Zieglar-Fritz
Varsity Assist:                        Russ Trimble
JV Coach:                              Tracy Ford    
JV1 Coach:                            Nancy Rushman
JV2 Coach:                            Aravind Aravindan