Arrowhead Union High School District

The Arrowhead High school Girls' Volleyball program participates in the Classic 8 Conference.  The program is comprised of two Freshmen teams, a Junior Varsity and Varsity team.  Each team consists of 12 – 15 players on each roster.  All athletes try-out according to the grade level they are entering and are placed on teams according to their abilities and performance within the program.  We are part of a very competitive conference and follow an equally tough weekend tournament schedule. 

Teams practice every day after school at both north and south campuses.  Practices are generally 2 hours in length.  Students are to provide practice attire and school will provide the uniform for games.

Summer open gyms are strongly recommended for all girls interested in trying out in the fall.    See the calendar below for dates and times.

**Volleyball camps will be offered this summer at the north campus for grades k5-12.    Further information is available in the summer activities program available on the website under Camps after April 1st.


Head Coach:          Janelle Hobbs

Varsity Assistant:  Jean Henschel  

JV Coach:              Ansaya Hubbard

Fr-Red Coach:          Kristen Paulin

Fr-Blue Coach:       Coral Evans    


Our players need to be increasing their athleticism.  It is when we are in our toughest and longest lasting matches that this matters the most.  If we lack the stamina and muscle, we will be beaten by those who have done the work.
The time in the weight room also creates team motivation and a common goal, without this we are divided and it is a weakness.  Working together and for one anotheris essential for building a team.