Arrowhead Union High School District

5th Annual Arrowhead Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner
April 29, 2017

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees
Ben Askren, Marty Barker, Jill Bierman, Mike Breaker, Tyler Greenebaum, John Kaiser, John Mesenbrink, Steve Sarsfield, Ashley Spakowitz,
Tina Vilter, Tim Weber

Ben Askren
Ben Askren
Athlete - Wrestling
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Ben Askren
Athlete - Wrestling
Marty Barker
Athlete - Baseball, Basketball, Football
Jill Bierman
Athlete - Softball
Mike Breaker
Coach - Girls Golf
Tyler Greenebaum
Athlete - Football
John Kaiser
Athlete - Football
John Mesenbrink
Coach - Wrestling
Steve Sarsfield
Athlete - Track and Field
Ashley Spakowitz
Athlete - Soccer
Tina Vilter
Athlete - Basketball
Tim Weber
Athlete - Baseball, Basketball, Football

"Honoring Our Past, Inspiring Our Future"

Welcome to the Arrowhead Hall of Fame web page.  We will be updating information as we begin our journey to honor those athletes, coaches and community members who have supported and made Arrowhead High School's athletic programs what they are today.

Mission Statement:
The Hall of Fame award will recognize and honor outstanding achievements of individual athletes, coaches and friends who have contributed to the success, tradition, integrity, development and promotion of Arrowhead High School athletics.

Hall of Fame Committee:
The Hall of Fame committee shall establish policies and procedures to guide the operations of the Hall of Fame program. Members will be appointed by the Arrowhead High School Activities Director.

Selection Process:
There will be three categories of recipients to be considered for this honor.

             1. Student Athletes
             2. Coaches and/or athletic administrators
             3. Special Category

1. Student Athletes
Nominees are eligible for consideration after 15 years from their participation in Arrowhead High School athletics (special circumstances will be considered by the committee).

2. Coaches
Coaches and/or athletic administrators of Arrowhead High School who meet the requirements of the mission statement are eligible for consideration at any time.
3. Special Category
Provisions are made for individuals who are not otherwise qualified as a student athlete, coach or administrator, but have in other ways shown devotion to and helped support or bring recognition to the athletic program of Arrowhead High School.

* AHS Athletes/Coaches in non-WIAA sports will be eligible under the Special Category

*The Hall of Fame committee will accept nominations that have successfully met the criteria in the mission statement and completed the Hall of Fame nomination application form. The Hall of Fame committee will be responsible for selecting the

*All nominees that meet the criteria will remain in the nominee pool.

Annual Time-Line:

The nomination period will be from October 1 through September 15 of the following year. All nominations must be submitted to the Arrowhead High School Activities Office at 800 North Avenue, Hartland, WI 53029. Nomination forms may be delivered or mailed with a postmark date by 11/1 of the current year. Nomination forms may be obtained online at or requested through the Activities Office.

The Hall of Fame Committee will review all nominations for their validity to the mission statement and will request further information if needed during the month of November. For any nomination that fails to meet the mission statement, a letter informing the nominator will be sent.
By December 15th of the current year, the Hall of Fame Committee will then convene to select the inductees.

There will be a cap per year of 10 inducteesunless the Hall of Fame Committee feels there is a merit to increase or decrease the number. Maximum 7-9 athletes and 1-3 coaches/special category.

By the first week in January, the current year inductees will be announced and letters to all nominees will also be sent notifying them of their status in the nominee pool. A biography, picture(s) and mementos request will also be sent to each inductee at this time.

Hall of Fame Banquet
The Hall of Fame banquet will be held the 1st Saturday in May.

Board of Directors
Ryan Mangan-Chairperson
Bob Rosch-Vice-Chairperson/Awards
Liz Arsnow-Treasurer/Secretary
Tina McDonald-Marketing and Advertising
Chuck Delsman-Historian/Media
Craig Haase-Banquet Media
Jim LaVoi-Bergman-Advertising/Awards
John Krueger-Member
John Hoch-Member
John Brengosz-Member