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On high school campuses across the country, there are students concerned with what is happening around them; students who are interested in politics and government, foreign affairs, the law, and education. The Junior State of America (JSA) was created by and for these students. Since its inception in 1934, more than 300,000 student members have become active, informed citizens through the Junior State.

What makes JSA so unique is that students organize every aspect of it, all the way from the chapter level to state and national administration. Our student leaders, elected by their fellow JSA members, plan and execute all of the conventions, conferences, and political awareness events put on by the Junior State.

We allow for an exchange of ideas through stimulating student debates, thought talks, problem solving, and various simulations. By participating in these activities, each member walks away with a more intelligent and informed viewpoint. Lastly, JSA provides a wonderful chance to meet and make friends with scores of other bright, involved students that have similar interests. It's an experience that you don't want to miss out on.

JSA meets about twice a month.  At each meeting we establish what is the next topic as well as the possible conventions and debates with other schools.  There are several different debate styles that can be used from Roberts rules of order to very relaxed styles of debate.

Students who are interested should see Mr. Tower at either North or South Campus or email him at

Important Dates And Information

Nominations for Elections and Thought Talk!! September 21st 2016
- North 162 from 6-7:30 Be sure to check the Weebly site for topics.
Debate - Wednesday September 28th: 6-7:30 North 162
- Candidates must have come to previous weeks candidates meeting. - All JSA Members must be registered, present and paid in full to vote. - Debate will be based on previous week
Debate - Wednesday October 12th: 6-7:30 North 162
Debate Topic TBD
Debate - Wednesday October 19th: 8-9:30 North 162
This will be a Watch Party for the last Presidential Debate. Food can be brought, some pizza will be provided.
JSA Overnight Convention Form
Fall Midwest Convention Parent Meeting- November 5th @ 6:00
Please be sure each student has one parent in attendance.
Fall Midwest Convention in Madison November 19th and 20th 2016
This is one of our biggest events of the year. The format is similar to how we host meetings, however there are between 300-400 students from around the midwest there. The cost is roughly $125.00
Parent Info Sheet - Madison
Kringle Spreadsheet
Please fill in your totals and then email Mr. Tower. Note the tabs on the bottom
Winter Congress in Washington DC Feb15th -19th 2017
This is the marque event of the year. We work hard to get our bills ready for the mock congress. All the while sightseeing as well as debating with nearly 800 students. The cost is roughly $550 including flight and hotel. - The initial balance is due December 16th for flights.
Parent Info Sheet on Winter Congress 2017
Here is the early parent information sheet for our 2017 Winter Congress!
The down Payments for flights to Washington DC Due on December 17th
Make checks payable to Arrowhead JSA
Makes all Checks To Arrowhead JSA .
With all trips and overnight debates there will be a parent meeting as well as permission slips that need to get filled out.
Washington DC Parent Information Sheet
Washington DC Itinerary
JSA Debate Preparation Cheat Sheet

Important Links For JSA

Arrowhead' JSA Facebook Page
This is where the most up to date info can be found. Be sure to express your opinion and keep up to date on up cmoming events.
Junior State of America Homepage
This is the link for the National Headquarters of JSA. It is useful to find new debates as well as info on JSA summer schools and national conventions.
Midwest Junior State of America Link
This link is for our local state of JSA. This will have a more personal affiliation with our chapter. You will see many of these leaders at our Midwest Convention in Madison
Debate Handbook
This should be used to get comfortable with different debate styles as well as debate rules.
Moderator Handbook
This handbook should be used to maintain order and structure by the lead moderator.