Arrowhead Union High School District


Everyone is encouraged to SUBMIT TO THE LIT!

What we're looking for: poems, short stories, vignettes, art, photography or anything appropriate for publication in a literary magazine. It's a collection of creativity, so be creative. All submissions should be sent electronically to You can submit as many things as you'd like. Below you can find the AHS Literary Magazine from previous years. 

Why you should submit: At the end of each semester, editors choose the best in each category (short story, poetry, art, etc.) and award students with a monetary prize and certificate (and often a t-shirt too). If selected for publication or for an award, adding these accolades to your resume and college applications can make you stand out from other applicants. Good luck and start submitting today!

Who we want: All interested students (editors, staff members, writers, poets, artists, etc.) should contact Ms. Jorgensen via email at or join the journalism class at North Campus. Anyone can email submissions for publication.



2006-2007 Literary Magazine
2007-2008 Literary Magazine
2008-2009 Literary Magazine
2010-2011 Literary Magazine
2012-2013 Literary Magazine
2013-2014 Literary Magazine
2014-2015 Literary Magazine
2015-2016 Literary Magazine