Arrowhead Union High School District
2017 NHS Application Form
Deadline: Friday, February 10, 2017, 2:45pm. LATE OR EMAILED FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A hard copy of the form should be placed in Mrs. Fellabaum's or Mr. Andrews' mailbox.
NHS Seniors- The Senior Scholarship Application window is open from January 30th- February 10th, 2017. All applications must be submitted to Mr. Andrews or Mrs. Fellabaum as a hard copy by the 10th. A third-party reader will read and score NHS essays.

What is the National Honor Society? 

Founded in 1921, NHS is the most prestigious of national organizations and societies that promote appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of academics, character, leadership, and service.   Students do not "apply" to NHS; instead, membership is an honor bestowed on students by the school's faculty.

Arrowhead's NHS chapter is extremely active and highly visible. All members vote to select an advisory council consisting of co-presidents, a secretary and several board members, who will lead the various NHS committees: service, senior citizen, fundraising, teacher appreciation, tutoring, and scrapbook.

Who is eligible for membership consideration?
All sophomores, juniors and seniors who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above are notified through Skylert that they have met the academic criterion for membership, and are invited to complete and submit an application form pertaining to school and community service and leadership. The Skylert is sent after second semester grades are finalized.
How are members selected?
All faculty members are asked to evaluate eligible students in the areas of character and classroom / school leadership. These evaluations and the student-submitted information forms are given to a five-member faculty council, whose members are chosen by the principal in accordance with the national guidelines. On the basis of all the information provided, the faculty council rates each student in the areas of character, leadership and school and community service. As with academics, students are rated on a 4 point scale in each area, using the scoring guide. The faculty council then votes on the membership of each student. Those who receive 3 or more faculty council votes are approved. Generally speaking, faculty council members are looking to honor students who meet a minimum rating of 3.5 in each of these areas. Students are notified by letter of their acceptance or rejection.
When are members selected and notified?
The selection process is long and arduous. Eligible students are notified through Skylert shortly after the beginning of the second semester. Application forms are available for download on this webpage. Students are given approximately 10 days to submit forms. The NHS advisors compile the forms as well as faculty evaluations. Actual selection does not begin until March and can take several weeks to complete. Students will notified of the faculty council's decision during the last week in March. The mandatory induction ceremony takes place the evening of April 20.
How much of a commitment do members make?
Membership in NHS is more than an award of recognition. It is also a commitment to continue to model the qualities for which students were selected. At Arrowhead this means that there is a minimum commitment of two 45 minute meetings per month (at 6:45 am). Each member is expected to be on at least one committee, and also to complete at least 12 hours of NHS-related service each semester. Members are also expected to maintain high character and a minimum of 3.5 GPA.
What if a student does not follow through on his or her commitment? 
The faculty council has the power to remove a student from membership for failing to maintain the standards for which he or she was selected. Students will be advised when the council is meeting, and invited to attend to plead their case. If the faculty council then decides to dismiss a student, he or she cannot be considered for membership again at a later date.
Can the faculty council's decisions be overruled?
Yes, but only by the school principal, and extenuating circumstances must exist. It is rare that the principal overrule a decision on either membership non-selection or dismissal.
NHS faculty advisors:  Kari Fellabaum
                                       Ryan Andrews