Arrowhead Union High School District
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Student Senate is the co-curricular activity at Arrowhead High School that serves as the student government.  It provides students with many opportunities to exercise leadership skills, express ideas, get involved with the community, and have fun with friends. 

In addition to the advisors, Senate is comprised of the Executive Board (President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.) and student Senators.  The Senate Executive Board is a group of students elected by their peers to serve as leaders within Senate.  Any student can become a Senator provided they complete the application process and regularly attend monthly meetings and the various events Senate sponsors. 
Senate organizes such events as Homecoming activities, annual blood drives, giving/food drives, TWIRP, and Prom.  It is an active organization that advocates for students and gives back to the community through service work.  Senate is open to new ideas, suggestions, or feedback.  Please e-mail or speak to a student representative to have your voice heard.
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Trina Bower
Tamara Varsos