Arrowhead Union High School District

***Only Arrowhead High School students can participate***

Team sign-up forms are available in the South Campus Main Office and North Campus Activities Office.  Participants must have a completed parents permission form, concussion form and $5.00 registration fee turned in with your team’s sign-up form.


Questions???  See Ms. Arsnow in Activities, Ext 4202



1.   Each team must have a minimum of 4 players by game time with a maximum of eight.
2.   No in season boys or girls volleyball players are allowed to play.
3.   Additional players to your roster must sign up and pay in the activities office prior to playing.
4.   No player may play on more than one team per season.
5.   Excessive fouling, rough play, or foul language will NOT be tolerated. If this behavior is witnessed, that player's team will receive a warning. A second warning will result in the ending of the game and violating team sent home.
6.   Behavior beyond just a verbal warning may result in immediate forfeit of the game or team. Rules 5 and 6 are solely determined by the Intramural Coordinator and Supervisors.
7.   Score will be kept for all games. 
8.   WIAA High School Rule of play will be effect
9.   All players must be in good standing with Arrowhead high School behavior policies including academics.
10.  Rally Scoring will be used. Games are limited to 30 Minutes total or the best of 3 games using the rally scoring. 
11.  Each team will play two different teams each scheduled day and we will rotate so that everyone will play each team the same number of times depending on the number of teams that register to play. 
12.  Teams should arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time so that we can start on time.
13.  Teams scheduled at the start of the night are required to help set up. Teams scheduled at the end of the night are required to help put all equipment away.

Questions?? Call Ms. Arsnow 262-369-3612 Ext 4202

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