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AP English Literature
Organizational Communication
Modern Literature

Room N196
262-369-3612 x.3251
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Education provides the opportunity to choose the role you play in a free society. 

"The teacher is not in the school to impose certain ideas or to form certain habits in the child, but is there as a member of the community to select the influences which shall affect the child and to assist him in properly responding to these. Thus the teacher becomes a partner in the learning process, guiding students to independently discover meaning within the subject area."               --John Dewey, 1897



If you are in my class this fall, you should read this!

Organizational Communication Syllabus

AP English Literature Syllabus

Modern Literature Syllabus

AP English Writing Scoring Information

First Semester Schedule (2016-2017)


Class (N196 unless noted)
6:30-7:15 AM Available, busy but sharp.
1/2 AP Literature
2/3 AP Literature
4 Mod Lit
5 Lunch
6 Mod Lit
7 Org Com
8 Satellite Study Hall
9 Org Com

10 & 2:36-3:00

 Available, but not as  sharp as the AM.