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Science 9 Syllabus

Science 9 Biology Honors Block Syllabus

Safety Contract

Graphing Practice

Lab Notebook Rules

Current Science Resources

Science Daily

Science News

Student Science


Newsela Science

Live Science

Chemical & Engineering News

Access Science Database

New Scientist

Citing Sources

Landmark Citation Machine - Webpage References






Website Creator

SPICYNODES (Concept Map)


Grip Strength Lab

ARTICLES:  Scientific Experiments Practice - Differentiated for Controlled Experiments

Tumors Feel The Deadly Sting of Nanobees

New Device Is Highly Effective At Controlling Ticks That Spread Lyme Disease

Beet Root Juice Boosts Stamina, New Study Shows

Tooth Gel:  Healing Power of Aloe Vera Proves Beneficial For Teeth and Gums, Too

Links Between Video-game Playing And health Risks In Adults Found 


Analyzing Data & Drawing Conclusions Power Point

More Graphing Practice:

Baseball Almanac - American League Wins vs. Payroll 2004   

Baseball Almanac - American League Wins vs. Payroll 2005  

Baseball Almanac - American League Wins vs. Payroll 2006   

Baseball Almanac - American League Wins vs. Payroll 2007             

Baseball Almanac - National League Wins vs. Payroll 2004

Baseball Almanac - National League Wins vs. Payroll 2005

Baseball Almanac - National League Wins vs. Payroll 2006

Baseball Almanac - National League Wins vs. Payroll 2007  



Rocket Project Data

2004 Rocket Data

2005 Rocket Data

2006 Rocket Data

2007 Rocket Data

2008 Rocket Data

2009 Rocket Data

2011 Rocket Data

2012 Rocket Data

2013 Rocket Data


Thumb War Data

Thumb Data 1&2 A Days

Thumb Data 3&4 A Days

Thumb Data 7&8 A Days

Thumb Data 1&2 B Days

Thumb Data 4&5 B Days

Thumb Data 7&8B Days

1&2A 2012

3&4A 2012

7&8A 2012

1&2B 2012

3&4B 2012

7&8B 2012

Unit 2


Storm Surge

Water Safety

Radiation Belt

Hurricane Hunters


Impact Articles:

Little Flash



Natural Pest Control

Why Can't Cars Move Like Crabs

Unit 3

Energy Resources


 QUIA - "Complete the Exercises"

QUIA - "Show Me The Money"


Online Simulations

Conservation of Energy - Pendulum

Conservation of Energy - A Spring

Conservation of Energy - Rolling on a hill

Energy Transfer - Skiing


PE & KE Practice Test

YouTube Video - Skier


Concervation of Energy - Free Fall (Calculations)


Energy Calculations


Motion Resources

Targets a&b

Distance & Displacement 

Song on distance displacement/speed velocity

Pythagorean Theorem Calculator for Distance & Displacement Lab

Target c

 Familiarize Yourself With Speed, Velocity, Acceleration 

SCATTER:  Speed, Velocity & Acceleration

Practice Test on Speed, Velocity & Acceleration

 Football Physics

Target d

Acceleration link to take notes from

Ticker Tape Diagrams Introduction

Ticker Tape Diagrams Analysis

Real world Acceleration - Summarize What You Learned

Acceleration Calculator

Target e

Moving Vehicle

Moving Man

Acceleration Due To Gravity

Motion Graphs

Resultant Vector Problems

Unit 3, Target 3b

Free Body Diagram Practice




Atoms, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Distinguishing Between Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Solubility & Solubiliy Curves

Classifying Mixtures

Matter Differentiated Activity List


Element vs. Compound Powerpoint Presentation (LT4.1a)

Physical vs. Chemical Properties Power Point I (LT4.1a)

Physical vs. Chemical Properties Power Point II (LT4.1a)

Connecting the Dots Power Point for Models of Atom, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures (LT4.1b)

Chemical & Physical Changes (LT4.1c)

Physical & Chemical Changes (LT4.1c)

Chemical & Physical Properties & Changes (LT4.1a & c)

Chemical & Physical Properties & Changes Quiz (LT4.1a & c)



Crude Oil

Reference for Focus On Fossil Fuels Challenge

Oil Refining Process Video - YouTube

Where does Our Used Oil GO? Re-Refining Animated Video

Re-Refined Lube Oil


Phases of Matter & Factors Affecting Phases Simulator (LT4.1d)

Water Heating Curve Animation

Phase Diagram Tutorial (LT4.1d)

Heating Curve & Phase Diagram Tutorial


Atomic Structure

Atomic Models Timeline

Simulation of Rutherford Experiment

Particle Accelerator Video

How Atom Smashers Work

Atom Smasher Will Help Reveal "The Beginning"

Atomic Structure Review Game - "Rags to Riches"

Podcasting Instructions

Periodic Table

Periodic Trends Data

FREE - Periodic table App

Periodic Table - includes cost /unit for most elements

Periodic Table - includes % Abundance for all elements

Rare Earth Metals

Periodic Trends of Chemical Reactivity Video Clips

Alkali Metals



Beheaded Vikings & Isotopes

American Medical Isotopes

Measuring Past Climate Change

Interactive Isotopes Review

Video Review - Atomic Structure & Isotopes

Isotope Music Video!!!!

Table of Isotopes


Balancing Equations Practice

Interactive Tutorial on Balancing Equations

Site #2

Site #3


Explore Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


Uranium & Nuclear Power


Nuclear Power Reactors

Types of Reactors

Nuclear Reactor Animations

Nuclear Reactor Illustrations

Nuclear Power Reactor World Map

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission



Italy Earthquake 

USGS Latest Earthquake Information

Japan Quake & Tsunami 3/2011

BBC Pictures

CNN Photos

Nuclear Reactors - BBC Video

Nuclear Reactors - Today Show Clip 3/14

Nuclear Reactors - Today Show Clip 3/15

Reactors Update - 3/18

Reactors Update Article - 3/20

Reactors Update - CNN Video Clip 3/25

Concerns With Saltwater Being Used to Cool Reactors

What is a Nuclear Meltdown ? (News Video)

What is Radiations Threat? (News Video)

Reactor Radioactivity, Food Chain & Cancers

Radiation's Health Effects

Medline Plus - Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure & Cancer

Quick Guide to Radiation Exposure

CNN Impact Map

Rescue Efforts

U.S. Robots to Japan For Relief Effort

Search & Rescue Robots (Video)

Impact on California

West Coast Pharmacies

Impact on Oregon

Tsunami Geology

How Are Tsunamis Generated?

NASA Geologist Discusses Earthquake & Tsunami


Environmental Issues

Alternative Energy Sources For Japan

Death of Coral Reefs

Australia Rushes to Contain Oil Spill at Great Barrier Reef

Bees In More Trouble Than Ever

Volcanic Gasses & Their Effects


Climate & Flooding

Coastal Zones & Sea Level Rise

Floods linked to Manmade Climate Change

Extreme Flooding Caused by Climate Change

Climate Change Could Spawn More Tornadoes

Is Climate Change Responsible for Devastating Weather?

From Snow Storms to Heat Waves

Water Testing Resources

Common Water Measurements

Water Quality

Water Contaminants

Dead Zones

Nitrates In Drinking Water

Important Water Quality Factors

Water Quality Parameters


EPA - Mining Wastes

Asteroid Mining Venture

Asteroid Mining Mision (video)


Oil Spill Links

Wildlife At Risk

Oil Slick Nears Marshes

Tracking The Oil Spill

Responding to An Oil Spill

Oil Wreaks Havoc On Livlihoods

CNN Covearge

NOAA - Responding to Oil Spills

View of the Oil

Containment Dome Lowered

Oil Dome Challenges

Science of Oil Slicks

Wildlife Concerns

Problems With Capping the Leak

EPA DAMAGE CONTROL WEBSITE - Breaking Upadates & Resources


NOAA Updates

Chemicals To Fight Spill Also A Problem

Impact On Seafood Prices

What is going on down there?

NASA Satellite Images of Oil Spill

Future Oil Spill Fighters

Using "Junk" To Stop The Leak

Clean-up Chemicals Far More Toxic to Fish

Robots Insert 4 Inch Tube





NOAA Sunspot & Sea Surface Temperature Data


Origins of the Earth's Atmosphere

Evolution of the Atmosphere

Links to more outstanding atmosphere resources - courtesy of Ms. Griffin's team!


The Interior of the Earth - USGS

Structure of the Earth - Interactive

Earth's Interior & Seismic Waves

Seeing Inside the Earth

Plate Boundary Animations

Pangaea Break-up Animation

Mantle Convection Animation

Convection Currents




Big Bang Tests & Support

Doppler Effect Animation

Doppler Effect with Explanation

Doppler Effect Explanation with Diagrams

Doppler Sound Effect

Doppler Effect & Red Shift Combined

Red Shift with Diagrams

Visible Portion of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum


Spectroscope Lab Resources

How Are Spectral Lines Produced?

Spectra & What Scientists Can Learn From Them

The 3 Types of Spectra

Instructions For proper Use Of A Spectroscope

Spectra of Some Common Elements

Another Site For Spectra of Common Elements

Identifying Elements Using Spectra