Arrowhead Union High School District


Welcome to the Arrowhead Forensics Team!!!
I am excited that you are interested in the Forensics Team and hope you find it a valuable experience and a whole lot of fun. 
Forensics is an activity that is valuable to any student at Arrowhead High School. It will help you gain communication skills, confidence in public speaking, and help you think on your feet. Our goal is to have individual members develop poise, self-confidence, analytical ability, and literary appreciation throughout the season. It is also a competition which will allow you to compare your performance and oratory skills with students from all over the state. Competition can be fierce but it provides you with opportunities to learn from your peers and grow as you gain experience.
Forensics is not purely an individual activity. Our program is designed to develop a Forensics Team rather than a bunch of individuals. Being part of the Forensics Team is just like being part of a team in any sport. We compete as a team and we succeed as a team. When members miss a meet or a practice the whole team suffers. As a team we will help each other grow individually and strive toward team success. A strong and coherent team will produce strong individual participants.
What forensics is not:
  • Just a mere social “club” or “activity”
  • Exclusively for naturally-gifted public speakers or high-achieving students
  • Simply a “speech,” “drama,” or “language arts” activity
What forensics is:
  • A team competition made up of individual and small group events
  • A team that requires dedication from its members
  • A community of people all looking to help each other grow in the areas of speaking and listening
  • A whole lot of fun

If you are a student or parent that is interested in our team and would like to be added to the e-mail list for our initial meeting, please fill out the short survey below.