Elizabeth Schueth


German Teacher

E-mail:  schueth@arrowheadschools.org

phone extension:  2164

Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in German from UW Madison

Graduate course work at UW Stevens Point, University of Freiburg in Germany, and Cardinal Stritch

Period 1 SC German II
Period 2 SC German I
Period 3 SC German II
Period 4 SC German I
Period 5 SC prep
Period 6 NC travel
Period 7 NC German III
Period 8 NC German IV
Period 9 NC Satellite Study Hall
Period 10 NC Prep


Das Bundeskanzleramt Berlin

German I Syllabus

German II Syllabus

German III Syllabus

German IV Syllabus

Deutsch III Wintergedichte Büblein

Deutsch III Wintergedichte Eislauf

Deutsch III Wintergedichte Drei Spatzen

Deutsch III Wintergedichte Schneemann

Deutsch III Wintergedichte Winterabend

Deutsch III Wintergedichte Sehnsucht


All students enrolled in a German language class are welcome to attend German Club at any time.  German Club events take place each month of the school year.  Dates and times will be posted in your German classroom.


Tuesday, February 9:  Fasching Celebration  2:45-4:00 in German Classroom NC 164

Join us for "Spaß, Spiele, Preise, Berliner!".