Arrowhead Union High School District

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Laura Myrah - Superintendent, Arrowhead Union High School District

Arrowhead High School is known across the state as providing an excellent, comprehensive education in a student-focused environment, to its 2,217 students; it is the 'Arrowhead Experience.' The school community enjoys high achieving, engaged students, supportive families, and a top-notch staff.  The broader community, comprised of eleven municipalities, is proud of its children and schools, holds high expectations for academic achievement, and is very supportive of the arts and co- & extra-curricular activities.

Arrowhead high school is a superb place to learn and work as a direct result of our people and programming. The staff members are a hard-working, caring team of professionals who are dedicated to continuous improvement and success at north and south campuses, in all departments, and in all classrooms.

Arrowhead's Student-Centered Mission

The mission of Arrowhead High School is to provide a comprehensive public education that changes individuals to reach their full potential. Students, school, parents and community share the responsibility to provide an 'Arrowhead Experience' that will enable students to become responsible adults who can succeed in the future. With students as the focus of everything we do, we are committed to establishing and achieving high expectations  with measurable goals that promote excellence.

Arrowhead's Values


Students, school, parents, and the community establish a foundation based on communication, respect, trust, honesty, tolerance, and accountability, which is the source of our strength.


Challenging students to develop to their potential in a positive, safe, student-focused environment is the core of the 'Arrowhead Experience.' Learning within a comprehensive curriculum is accomplished through instruction, competition, cooperation, creativity, diversity, personal responsibility, and independent thinking.


Through high expectations and established goals, students and staff strive to achieve first time quality. 

I am delighted and proud to serve as the Superintendent for the Arrowhead Union High School District. Our school community thanks you for your interest, and we significantly value the successful partnership with our students, families, staff and broader community.

Best regards,

Laura Myrah