Arrowhead Union High School District

The Social Studies Department offers courses concerned with people. Subjects in social studies explore the places people live and the impact that physical environment has on people, the development of civilizations and cultures through time, how people make their living, how they behave individually and in groups, how they govern themselves, and how people from various cultures react to their conditions.

Each student must have six semester credits in social studies in order to graduate. Two of these credits must be in United States History, and one must be in Social Studies 9 (Government).

A student with an interest in social studies planning to attend college might consider a career in social work, law, teaching, sales, law enforcement, economics, urban analysis, psychology, international relations, labor economics, and many other areas.

Students who plan to complete their formal education with high school graduation will find the social studies courses useful in helping them understand themselves and their world and in helping them become better citizens.

Social Studies