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Who is Homeless?

Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, you are considered homeless if you live in any of the following:

  • Sharing housing (doubled up) with family or friends due to economic or other hardship reasons
  • In a shelter, transitional living program, hotel/motel, or campground
  • On the street, in a car, in an abandoned building or other inadequate accommodations

Rights of Homeless Children and Youth

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act ensures that all homeless children and youth, school-age and preschool-age, have the right to a free appropriate public education without barriers.  In particular, homeless children and youth have the right to:

  • attend school, regardless of where they live (i.e. shelter, hotel)
  • remain at the school they attended before becoming homeless (school of origin) when it is in his/her best interest and when it is the choice of the parent/guardian.  If a parent/guardian’s choice is not honored, they must be notified, in writing, of this decision and the reason for the decision.  Parent/guardians have the right to appeal a decision that is against their wishes.
  • receive transportation back to the school of origin or the school last attended before becoming homeless, if requested by parent/guardian.
  • enroll in school without delay, even if do not have documents normally required for enrollment, such as school transcripts, medical records, and immunization records.
  • enroll in school without providing a permanent address and without proof of residency.
  • enroll and attend the school of choice, even during the dispute resolution or appeal process.
  • attend a school and participate in school activities and programs with children and youth who are not homeless.  Homeless children and youth must not be segregated.
  • receive the same access to special programs (special education, At-Risk, Gifted and Talented, etc.) as non-homeless children and youth.

Services Available to Homeless Children and Youth:

In order to remove barriers to education, a number of services are available to homeless children and youth.  These services include:

  • transportation
  • school nutrition programs
  • tutorial programs
  • enrollment assistance
  • ESL services
  • translation services
  • school health services
  • Title I services and programs
  • special education programs/programs for students with disabilities
  • vocational and technical programs
  • alternative and At risk Programs
  • gifted and talented programs
  • referral to social services agencies that can assist homeless families with basic needs.

Resources and Information on Homelessness

Resources Hotline for Families
(414) 773-0211 or 211

Department of Public Instruction State Coordinator for Education of Homeless Children and Youth
Phone: (855)235-0185
Fax: (608)267-9142

National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
phone:  (952) 945-0228
fax:  (952) 9526

National Center for Homeless Education
Helpline: 1(800)308-2145
Homeless Basics