Arrowhead Union High School District


Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their
potential in school, career and life. Users learn about themselves—their interests, skills, preferences and aspirations—so they can explore the opportunities right for them. They learn about career possibilities and educational pathways by exploring rich, engaging content. A dynamic, actionable plan outlines the steps needed to achieve career, school and life goals. Plans are then brought to life—whether for a career, job or college—by taking informed action. 
How to Log In:
Click on the CC icon from the main Arrowhead Home Page. Log in using your Arrowhead Google account login. 

Inspire Southeast Wisconsin is a community-development platform that enables connections between employers and their future workforce. Students have access to the Inspire Southeast Wisconsin program by logging in to their student account in Career Cruising. 

Youth Apprenticeships are part of a statewide School-to-Work initiative. They are designed for high school students who want hands on learning in an occupational area at a worksite, along with classroom instruction. This is available to juniors and seniors only, and is a one or two-year combination of classroom and paid work based learning. Students are guided by teachers and workplace mentors, and achieve state certificates of mastery upon completion of the program. The skill certificate is an addition to the high school diploma, which employers across the industry recognize and respect.  There are several Youth Apprenticeships available at AHS:
Health Science - contact Mrs. King, 
Manufacturing - contact Mr. Whelan,
Engineering - contact Mr. Whelan,
Automotive - contact Mr. Varrelmann,

Mentoring is available to students in grades 11-12. Mentoring links students with a mentor who has related interests and talents in learning based relationship. Mentors teach, counsel, and encourage students in developing their potential interests and talents to help them become aware of education and career options. This is usually a full semester experience. No credit is given.

In-School Work Experience is an opportunity for students to gain work experience within the local school districts. Examples of this would be office or teacher aide. Eligibility, and credit information is available through the school counseling office.