Arrowhead Union High School District

Arrowhead students have the opportunity to learn in an environment in which they digitally access, evaluate, and create. Arrowhead uses student owned and maintained devices to foster these technology-rich environments.  Each course of study will have different technology needs, therefore parents and students should together look at the students' educational plans in order to determine the device that is needed.

What device is best for your student? Please read the Letter to Parents of 8th Grade Students, to help in making that decision.

If students need to use specific software for class, there will be computers with the software loaded available for student use.

The minumum device guidelines can be found by clicking on the graphic on this page.

The Arrowhead Science Department has software students can download for free. Students would need to have a laptop device to load this software. There will be computers available for students who cannot download software to their devices.

Our Technology and Engineering Department has additional computer recommendations. Students and parents need not purchase anything beyond the minumum guidelines, but if the students want to download the engineering software on their laptop for free--they can do so with a computer with these specifications: System Requirements for Autodesk Inventor 2015.