Arrowhead Union High School District

The Arrowhead Counseling Team has made some exciting new changes to Freshmen Conferences!  Starting this year, freshmen students and their parents will be invited to schedule individual conferences with their Counselor.  This conference is intended to discover how students can be successful in high school based on their skills, interests, and goals.  It is designed to be beneficial for all students, regardless of their academic achievement or amount of planning done to this point.  

To schedule your child’s conference:

Send an email to that includes your child’s name and 3 dates with the study hall hour that works for you and your child.  You will receive an email back with your confirmed date and time.


Conferences will be scheduled on a first come first served basis throughout the school year.  Feel free to schedule your conference during a month that works for your family.

  • Conferences will not be available on Wednesdays due to the shortened Wednesday schedule.

  • Time allows for one conference per student.

  • Rescheduling a conference once the appointment has been made will not be possible due to time constraints. The conference will be held as scheduled with the student and information will be sent home with them.

  • Conferences are scheduled during your child’s study hall, so you will need to ask your child when this is.  The bell schedule is included below.  Remember that study hall hours may change at Semester (January 23rd).



1st- 7:20-8:00

2nd- 8:04-8:44

3rd- 8:48-9:28

4th- 9:32-10:12

5th- 10:16-10:56

Lunch 5th- 10:16-10:46

Lunch 6th- 11:00-11:30

6th- 10:50-11:30

7th- 11:34-12:14

8th- 12:18-12:58

9th- 1:02-1:42

10th- 1:46-2:26

Below is the parent presentation that occurred on Oct 5th.  It explains all of the topics that the Counselor covers in your student's Freshman Conference.

Freshman Conferences Parent Presentation