Arrowhead Union High School District

Arrowhead Union High School is committed to bringing authentic and individualized learning opportunities to your child, and we are pleased to extend an invitation to your student to bring in his or her own device for education.

Why Bring Your Own Device?

After polling our students, we have found that most own portable devices that they use for educational purposes. We do not want to discourage students from all of the learning opportunities this allows students  at school! How will bringing these devices help my child? Providing a device will:

  • Allow your child to work with a device configured to meet his or her  individual educational needs
  • Foster a more paperless environment
  • Better prepare your child for work beyond the high school experience
  • Increase communication with teachers and collaboration with peers
  • Employ online textbooks, manipulatives, and other interactive elements to help understanding
  • Engage students with timely, relevant, and personalized learning experiences

How does it work?

Currently, students are welcome to bring a laptop or Chromebook to aid your child’s productivity at school. Students will be able to login to the Arrowhead Wireless. Arrowhead provides secured lockers for all students. When not in use your child should store the device in appropriately a padded case and locked in his or her locker.  

Beginning Fall 2014, students will be asked to bring their own devices to school. Many of our feeder schools already require students to purchase a devices, such as Chromebooks. Please follow the Arrowhead Device Guidelines and consult your student's course schedule to choose the best device for your student's needs.

Where can I find more information?

Please check the TLE links, including frequently asked questions to the left of this page, or email the Director of Library Media & Tech, Donna Smith (