Arrowhead Union High School District

Advanced Placement Studio Art will provide an opportunity for students to pursue and receive credit for college-level course work at the secondary school level. AP Studio Art is not based on a written examination; instead, students submit portfolios for evaluation at the end of the school year. They choose from one of three distinct portfolios: 2-D Design, 3-D Design, or a Drawing Portfolio. The portfolios are designed to allow freedom in artistic expression while keeping in mind that the quality and breadth of the work should reflect first-year college-level standards. AP courses should address three major concerns that are constants in the teaching of art: (1) a sense of quality in a student’s work; (2) the student’s concentration on a particular visual interest or problem; and (3) the student’s need for breadth of experience in the formal, technical, and expressive means of the artist. AP work should reflect these three areas of concern: quality, concentration, and breadth. The course requires that the student is self-motivated and may require work time outside of the school day to complete the portfolio.

Here are some of the recent artworks created by students in AP Studio Art

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