Arrowhead Union High School District

Photography is a course designed for the student who is interested in the art, science, history and technology of the photographic process. Students will learn to see photographically through an exploration of the basic tools, techniques and aesthetics of digital photography, with an emphasis on creative use of camera controls, exposure, digital imaging software, and an awareness of issues in contemporary photography. Students will also learn how to edit, process and manipulate digital images for use in different applications including the web, print, video, and computer applications using Adobe Photoshop and photo quality printers. A major emphasis of the course will be to develop and increased awareness of visual literacy as a means of understanding and creating visual images. There will be a strong online learning component to this course using Moodle, an open source online learning tool.

Students need to have their own digital camera, preferably one with advanced settings, which allow independent control of shutter speeds, apertures and exposures. A digital SLR camera is suggested.

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