Arrowhead Union High School District

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This is my 12th year teaching at Arrowhead.  I am teaching Algebra and Functions at South Campus for the 2016/17 school year. I also work at North Shore Middle School.  My undergraduate degree is from UW-Whitewater and my master's in instructional technology came through Cardinal Stritch.  When not teaching, I enjoy skiing, volleyball, football, fishing, hiking, and camping.  



My Schedule 2016/2017

Semester 1 Hour Location Semester 2 Hour Location
HELP/TUTORING 6:30 am S306 HELP/TUTORING 6:30 am S306
 Algebra 1 S306  Algebra 1 S306
Algebra 2 S306 Algebra 2 S306
Algebra 3 S306 Algebra 3 S306
Algebra 4 S306 Algebra 4 S306
Lunch 5 S306 Lunch 5 S306
Functions 6 S306 Functions 6 S306
Prep 7 S306 Tutoring 7 SC Library
Functions 8 S306 Functions 8 S306
 Algebra 9 S306 Algebra 9 S306
Prep/travel 10 S306/cubicle/North Shore Prep/travel 10

S306/cubicle/North Shore

Geo/Alg AS North Shore Geo/Alg AS North Shore

 *-- I will not be available after school because I will be traveling to North Shore Middle School every day.  If you need help and can only meet after school, I will find another teacher to help you during this time.