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Learning Never Ends

An evening of free classes for adults.

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ACT Prep at Arrowhead

Find out all of your ACT Prep options here.

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TWIRP is back--Feb. 11 from 8-11 pm!

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Referendum Information

Find Referendum information here.

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Arrowhead Facts



Community Service Projects during the 2015-16 School Year



AP Scholars: Students who score 3 or greater on 3 or more AP Exams.



Students participating in 46 offerings of club extra-curricular activities.



Percent of students who attend 2-year or 4-year college upon graduation.  

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Arrowhead Today

"Arrowhead offers so many academic and social opportunities. I am grateful to be part of such a unified student body of hard working individuals!"

- Hannah Javoroski, '17

"I love how Arrowhead sets such high standards for both its students and athletes. All of the honors and AP..."

- Abby Cabush, '18

"The diversified student body is exceptional with talent and the opportunities are endless everywhere through..."

- Peyton Westcott, '18

"The amazing thing about the Arrowhead community is this: We are endlessly..."

- Michelle Parks, '17

"Arrowhead is full of great teachers who love their jobs and want to help students learn."

- Abigail Fahey, '18

"Arrowhead is known to have something for everyone which carries through to each class. There is a variety of learning methods used by each teacher to help the visual learner, the kinesthetic learner, and the auditory learner."

Emme Audley, '18

"Arrowhead provides great multi educational opportunities for students to excel academically, culturally, athletically and socially.  Students are challenged beyond their comfort zones and discover greater self potential than they previously believed that they possessed."

- Coach Mike Mulrooney

Tradition of Excellence

Arrowhead graduates continue their education and careers...

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